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Fiancé visas: when you just want to be together

US citizens can apply to bring their fiancés to the United States using the k-1 or fiancé visa.

Suzan deSeguin has successfully helped American citizens bring their foreign born fiancés to the United States using the K-1 visa.  The first issue you must determine is whether you and your fiancé  are eligible to apply for the fiance visa.  The second question is whether the K-1 visa is really the optimun process for your circumstances.

  • You have to be a US Citizen:  The first rule is that you have to be a US citizen to petition for your fiancé.  This process is not available to lawful permanent residents.
  • Met with your fiancé in most recent 2 years: The second rule is that you have to have met with your fiancé, face to face, sometime within the two years before you file the petition.
  • Free to marry: A third requirement is that both you and your fiancé have to be free to marry at the time you file the petition.  You can’t be in the process of waiting for a divorce to be finalized and, if you change your minds and get married abroad, your spouse will not be able to use a fiancé visa to come to the United States.

After your fiancé arrives in the United States, you will have 90 days to marry.  After the marriage, your spouse can file an I-485 application to obtain permanent residence in the United States.