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Suzan deSeguin, Colorado Immigration Lawyer

Colorado immigration lawyer, SUZAN DESEGUIN, is passionate about providing immigrants exceptional legal representation and has been successfully representing immigrants since 1993.  Her philosophy is to educate and empower immigrants, while providing them support and strong and effective legal advocacy for their deportation, asylum, citizenship or family immigration case.

In political asylum cases, Suzan has successfully represented asylum seekers from over 25 different countries including regions of Africa (Saharan and sub-Saharan), Asia, the Middle East and Eurasia. Her asylum clients have ranged from individuals persecuted for the color of their skin or religious beliefs to high-profile political dissidents from oppressive regimes.

She feels strongly about keeping families together and is a strong advocate for her clients in marriage based green card applications, I-601 waiver cases necessary to allow family members to return to the United States, and she obtained a state pardon from Utah when it was the only solution to keep a beloved grandfather with his family in the United States. She advocates for battered spouses of US citizens,having processed multiple VAWA cases successfully for both men and women. Individuals have come to this dedicated immigration lawyer after their original I-601 waivers were denied and she has obtained favorable reconsideration of such cases, making it possible for mothers and fathers to return to their spouses and children in the United States.

This attorney represents individuals before the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS), the Asylum Office, in deportation or removal cases before the Denver Immigration Court, the Board of Immigration Appeals, and federal courts. She cares about the immigrants who come to her for legal assistance and provides attention to detail and exhaustive case preparation to insure the best possible results for her immigration clients.

Assisting Immigrants for Over 20 Years

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